All Quiet on the Western Front

Don’t worry, this is not a new edition of the well-known novel about the First World War, I just flew west and unfortunately at some point I couldn’t find any more thermals

Planning: Another good thermal day was forecast, but in contrast to the previous day, this time with blue thermals. The predicted strong westerly wind seemed unsuitable for another attempt to fly the Karwendel triangle. So I first wanted to head west, against the wind, and then fly as far east as possible

10:26: Although the southerly wind was almost perfect, it took me a second take-off attempt to get airborne

10:38: This time with blue thermals, there were good climbs up to over 2200 m

11:24: North of Walchensee I met Erik again, with whom I had already used the cable car to Brauneck

12:00: Together with Erik we tried to find thermals north of the mountain Herzogstand. Because of the prevailing east wind, contrary to the predicted westerly wind, I didn’t want to fly any further in the direction of Mount Laber. But I didn’t have enough altitude to fly back towards the Brauneck mountain. So after a while I got up and went to land near Schlehdorf

Lesson learned: I should probably take more risks and look for thermals more courageously

Summary: Another short flight. It’s pity that the wind forecast wasn’t right at all

Flight details: Look at XContest

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