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Suspension of my 360° Actioncam – modified

Nothing is so good that it can’t be improved – a realisation that also applies to the suspension of my 360°Actioncam.

In the article “Suspension of my 360° Actioncam” I used round magnetic mounts. The suspension has proven itself in principle, but the round design of the magnetic mounts is somewhat impractical in practice. I therefore came up with an elongated magnetic holder, which is illustrated in the following photos.

I fixed three neodymium magnets measuring 40x10x5 mm³ to an aluminium rail (12 mm wide) with double-sided adhesive tape. Of course, you have to make sure that the magnetisation is aligned in the same way for all three magnets. Then wrap the whole thing in heat-shrink tubing (diameter 16 mm). The shrink tubing actually has to be shrunk with an industrial hot-air dryer, but if need be, your wife’s hairdryer will also do. The length of the rail is adapted to the handle of the action camera’s selfie stick. The counterpart for attaching to the harness is to be made in the same way with reversed magnetisation. When magnetising, I made sure that I could still use the round magnetic holder as a counterpart, for example to fix the selfie stick in an unusual position.

The rails are attached to the harness and the selfie stick with cobra cable ties; the recess between the magnets can be used for this. The rail on the harness is attached in such a way that the selfie stick is directed forwards in a 45° wrap during flight. This orientation has proven to provide a good all-round view of the video recordings.

I hope the holding force of the magnets is sufficient so that it will also hold in turbulent flight, but that will only be proven in practice.

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