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Mount Grappa, Italy on 17.04.2022

Flying with a north föhn just isn’t fun!

Planning: Again the classic, heading east as far as possible to the river Piave and then heading west to the river Fiume Atico and back to Semenzo

10:58: The start went largely smoothly

11:00: Again in low flight to the east. But you could already tell in the air that it was strangely restless. Probably a result of the strong north wind

11:44: There, where the mountain range becomes flatter, you burn up a lot of altitude again without finding any thermals anywhere. So it didn’t quite make it to the river Piava again. In low flight it goes back to the west

12:30: Very turbulent corner, felt kind of lee, but actually not possible because of the strong south wind, sometimes south-east wind

13:02: Again a perceived leeward situation west of the Brenta, but due to the south-easterly wind (I saw pilots taking off at the antenna) that cannot be explained

13:10: Landing was largely problem-free. Luckily for me it washed down another German and 4 Czech pilots. What a coincidence :-). The Czechs organized a bus that took us to the landing place

Lesson learned: Extreme caution is also required on the southern edge of the Alps when there is a north föhn wind

Flight details: Check out DHV-XC for flight details

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