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Paragliding on Mount Wallberg, Germany on 24. April 2021

Weather forecast:
DHV: Thermals: Moderate, strong spring thermals in the afternoon with just about a good base height. Significant northwest wind, creating significantly (possibly strong) windy conditions. Wind: Weak to moderate northwest wind, especially in the afternoon, locally significantly more!
XCTherm: from 11:00 1.5 m/s from 12:00 2.5 m/s, end of thermals at 18:30
Windy: West 15km/h, gradient -0.6°C/100m

Planning: a flat triangle was planned, first to the west and then to the east and back

Airspaces: not checked as not critical in the planned airspace

Ascent: Ascent via the summer route, largely snow-free, only snow in the summit area, Snow chain were not necessary

Start: From the Alm take off in a northwesterly direction, no problems because the wind was good. Many pilots at the launch site, including a flight school

Flight: I had planned to fly west first, but the strong north-west wind made itself felt in the air, so I quickly gave up my plan to fly a flat triangle. At the beginning it was a bit difficult to get up high to dare the jump to the next summit, but at 2100 m I went towards the mount Wasserspitz. Once there, I had to contend with violent thermals between mount Bodenschneid, Rinnerspitz and Wasserspitz, which were also difficult to center. It took about 25 minutes until I finally flew on at about 2000m in the direction of mount Brecherspitz and without a long stop to mount Jägerkamp/Nagelspitze. Here the thermals became noticeably gentler. I went over the mount Heissenplatte to the mount Seebergkopf, where I was able to slowly climb aft on the west flank. In the further course of the mountain chain, I flew away from the mount Seebergkopf at almost 1600 m in the hope of gaining altitude again on the mount Vogelsang, which I also managed to do on the west flank. At the mount Schrenkenkopf I blew it again, instead of flying west again, I flew further east with little altitude in the hope of finding thermals there. South of the Regau farm I tried for half an hour to fight my way out of the valley, without success.

Landing: I then landed on the large meadow at the farm with concerns that I could still end up downwind. The owner of the farm kindly pointed out to me that he doesn’t like it when you land on his meadow, I explained to him that unfortunately I had no other option. I hitchhiked then directly to Munich via Bayrischzell, which went very well despite Corona. I picked up the car the next day by train

Conclusion: Due to the strong wind it was hopeless to fly a triangle from the start. Other pilots have already planned a one-way flight. Winds of 15km/h in combination with the predicted gradients should be treated with caution

Flight details: Check out XContest for flight details

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