Four ways to retrieve NOTAMs

Every pilot who wants to take part in air traffic is obliged to call up the current NOTAMs as part of their personal briefing before the flight. Paragliders tend to neglect this, but of course this obligation also applies to us, at least if you want to go on a flight. But what options are there for retrieving NOTAMs and what do you need to bear in mind? What are the advantages and disadvantages of these methods?

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Acro Paragliding Flight Area Infos

Acro pilots have special requirements for their favourite flying area. Getting up quickly, the highest possible working height, acro over water would not be bad either, to name just a few of the pilots' wishes. Gabi Fonck has taken the trouble to compile a table of acro paragliding areas that more or less fulfil these special requirements.

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Rescue throw training – Lessons Learned

In this article I have already reported on the rescue throw training, which is organized and carried out by Bodenlos e.V.. But training without learning something from it doesn't really make sense. That's why I've summarized here once again the findings described by my club colleagues in the club's internal forum, most of whose texts I have taken over from the original. I have supplemented the texts with my own findings.

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