Mount Grappa, Italy on 16.04.2022

Flying until thunderstorm comes!

Planning: no planning carried out, as thunderstorms were already expected for 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m

11:04: The start wasn’t the best, two collapses (left, right), although the conditions were manageable. Strong wind from the southeast, but nothing that would actually contradict a good start

11:08: Moderate gentle climb at the beginning. Monte Grappa is already covered in clouds. It is also noticeably increasing in the west

11:28: Cautious approach to the east, observing what the clouds are doing. I could see someone, probably in a seat harness and low-B wing, under the clouds trying to flap their ears. I’ll probably never quite understand how you can voluntarily get yourself into trouble like that. Later he sensibly flew out into the flat

11:30: Caught the first strong climb

11:33: Since I wasn’t quite sure about the thing, I decided to fly into the flat. Second strong climb in straight flight

11:44: Climbing is not so productive on the flat, so back towards the Costalunga antenna. I’m not too sure about the rather complex airspace structure east of Bassano either, so I’m cautious here too

12:12: The group of Trofeo Montegrappa flew west of the Brenta over the mountains. They can certainly not be impressed by the mighty dark clouds

12:23: It was always cloudy west of the Brenta, hence my decision to fly back to the landing field

12:43: Landing without major problems

Lessend learned: As written the day before yesterday, due to the bad start, ground handling is necessary

Conclusion: Short but beautiful flight, due to the latent risk of thunderstorms, it was really early to land. At 4:15 p.m. there was thunder and lightning, but no rain yet

Flight details: Check out XContest for flight details

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