Glasses with lens inserts

Anyone who suffers from presbyopia like me has a problem reading the instruments in flight. How I solved the problem, I describe in this post

My solution are reading lenses that are simply cut and inserted into the glasses. The reading lenses are simply fixed in the glasses with water. It’s a bit tricky to get bubble-free and dust-free, but doable. I cut off the reading lens, which is semicircular in the lower area of ​​the original, so that the lenses only occupy around 1/3 of the glass. Because it is of course more important to observe your surroundings than your instruments. The glasses are not tinted in the lower area so that the instruments are easier to read.

The reading lenses are available with different dioptres, so you can buy them separately for each eye according to your personal needs.

After a while you get used to the varifocals for the poor, but then they really come in handy. I fly with XC Track, the reading lenses enable me to read all information from my smartphone again.

Glasses front view
Glasses rear view
Hydrotec lens inserts

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