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Being successful as a woman and lightweight at the Red Bull X-Alps. Lecture by and with Eli Egger at the Bodenlosen on 11.10.2023 in Munich.

Eli Egger from southern Styria put in a remarkable performance at the X-Alps 2024. Here is an overview of her participation and what happened during the race:

Training for the race: Eli invested a lot of time and discipline into her training to prepare for the challenges of the X-Alps. Her rigorous schedule included a variety of training sessions, including trail running with her supporter Nadine. Her goal was to reach her fitness peak in time for the race, which included intense training sessions with 6000 meters of elevation gain in just two days. Her discipline in the training plan was admirable.

Nutrition: Proper nutrition played a crucial role in Eli’s preparation for the race. Initially, she had to learn to fill her fridge with the right foods to have enough energy for the training. Over the period from October to the start of the X-Alps, she gained five kilograms to maximize her energy reserves.

The race: The X-Alps 2024 covered a distance of 1223 kilometers with 15 intermediate finishes and lasted a total of 12 days. With only 32 athletes, including just four women, it was an extremely challenging race that was contested entirely by hike & fly.

The team: Eli was supported by a dedicated team, led by her supporter Nadine. The team consisted of Verena, Daniele, Benschi, Julien and Christoph, who each had specific tasks and supported Eli throughout the race.

Race simulation: In preparation for the race, Eli carried out a race simulation in the Dolomites. Although the weather was difficult and all of the team were rookies, the experience was valuable in preparing for the challenges of the race.

Course of the race: Eli started in Kitzbühel and conquered 15 intermediate finishes in succession, including Wagrain, Chiemgau, Lermoos, Piz Buin, Fiesch, Frutigen, Niesen, Mont Blanc, Col du Petit Saint-Bernard, Dufourspitze, Cima Tosa, Drei Zinnen, Sexten and Schmittenhöhe.

Finish: After 10 days, 5 hours, 18 minutes and 38 seconds, Eli was the first woman to reach the finish line. Her performance was incredible and will certainly go down in the history of the X-Alps.

Eli Egger’s participation in the 2024 X-Alps was an inspiring example of determination, perseverance and teamwork. Her achievement deserves the highest recognition and will be considered a milestone in the history of the competition.

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