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Rescue throw training with the Bodenlos ones

Once again this year, almost a tradition for the Bodenlos e.V., rescue throwing training took place in a gym in Munich. However, there was not only a rescue throw training, but also various other activities. You can read about them in this article.

Rescue throw training

The main activity that evening was the rescue throw training. A former club member came up with something special here. In order to simulate the behavior of a collapse in the wild, followed by the necessary rescue throw, the harness is attached with a strap similar to the tow release on a winch tow. The webbing is secured by a split pin, which in turn can be pulled by a servo motor, see the following photos. The servo motor is activated by a remote control. The device is installed on both suspensions.

To make a rattle as realistic as possible, the test person is made to vibrate. The belt can be triggered at any time, preferably when the subject least expects it.

The test person’s task is then to find the rescuer handle as quickly as possible and throw the rescuer. What sounds so simple often turns out to be not quite so easy in practice.

Rescuer pack

An experienced packer from the Hochries flying school was on hand to help the rescuer pack up again after a rescue throw, offering her services for a fee, with explanations included, as you can see in the photo below.

Tree landing simulation

In order to simulate the situation after a tree landing, the test person was suspended from the harness’s rescue suspension system. The problem here is that suspension trauma can occur after a short time. To prevent this, it is recommended that a longer sling is taken along, which can be attached to the main carabiners. This should be used to brace yourself with your feet to prevent suspension trauma.

Measuring the trim

As I reported in this article a year ago, a measurement of the trim of the glider was also offered this time.


I have no idea what the purpose of this exercise was, but the two gentlemen of an advanced age were obviously having fun.

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