Suspension of my 360° actioncam with Velcro tape

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In the article Suspension of my 360° actioncam, I presented the action cam suspension using magnets. As magnetic sensors are built into the smartphone and Vario, these could be affected by the magnets on the mount, so I came up with an alternative using Velcro tape.

In principle, I replaced the magnets from the above article with Velcro tape on a 12 mm wide aluminum strip and attached it to the harness with cable ties. The soft part of the Velcro is attached to the handle of the selfie stick.

I will probably replace the aluminum strip with a plastic strip later.

As the contact point of the Velcro strap is relatively small, it can happen that the selfie stick comes loose at the start. If this happens, the selfie stick is secured with a safety cord. I have not yet had any problems during the flight. I can recommend the tesa On & Off extra strong Velcro tape.

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